About LGBTQutie

As co-founders and members of the LGBTQ community, we have discovered that there are limited options for relationship-oriented online dating sites for our community. We’ve found it both challenging and frustrating for those looking for romantic relationships and social networking opportunities. Most gay and lesbian dating sites are not all-inclusive and are largely focused on hook-ups. With the increased acceptance, visibility, and legality of LGBTQ people and their relationships, now more than ever is the time to find your true love and/or build lasting friendships.

Why We Are Different?

There are several aspects of LGBTQutie that set us apart from the rest. For one, we are not just limited to one segment of the LGBTQ community. Our site is welcoming of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, pansexual, asexual, intersex, and gender non-binary individuals. Our focus is on romantic relationships rather than casual flings. In order to identify what our users are looking for, we developed the Relationship Readiness Quiz and the LGBTQuestionnaire.

Another unique aspect of LGBTQutie is that it is also a social networking platform. People can build new connections or find their ideal match.

To make the site most accessible to everyone, basic membership on LGBTQutie is free!

Lastly, LGBTQutie features an events page available for members to create and/or discover new LGBTQ events. Prospective businesses also have the option to post sponsored events on the site.

We hope you enjoy what we have created!

Jordan Weiss + Rachel Kimelman, Co-founders of LGBTQutie.com