October 16, 2016

At LGBTQutie we simply cannot get enough of fall. From apple cider donuts and PSLs to changing leaves and cooler temperatures, this is the time of year for magical dates and the blooming of instagram-worthy romance.

For many, October and November usher in the much-needed cool air. Beautiful days encased by chilly, brisk nights are – in short – the perfect time for outdoor adventures and late night snuggling. So whether you and your PIC are long-term lovers or testing out your first LGBTQutie romance these dates are sure to dazzle in any love affair.

Pumpkin Patches and/or Apple Picking:

Nothing gets you more into the spirit than layering up and frolicking through a farm filled with fresh fall produce. From pumpkins for carving to apples for baking, this in an activity that keeps on giving. Spend your day wandering the beautiful outdoors – most places have food stands complete with cider, hayrides, petting zoos, and even corn mazes – then come home and get crafty. For pumpkin pickers, challenge your date to a contest: whoever makes the scariest pumpkin gets a free massage. For apples, try making a new recipe together! Can’t get to a farm? Settle for your local farmer’s market – smaller scale and fewer animals – but frolicking and produce will still be in abundance.



What better way to enjoy the cold weather than with a brightly burning and warming fire? Though fire-pits aren’t always the easiest to come by, look for campgrounds or beaches that offer them because nothing goes better with a bonfire than ocean air. Well, except maybe s’mores. Bring some wood, graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate for the perfect outdoorsy evening. If you really want to make a meal of it, channel your inner eight year old and roast some hot dogs on a stick first. Is it possible your date has gone veg? No fear, there’s some delicious veggie dogs and even vegan-friendly marshmallows at your local organic food store. This kid-like date is a great way to ignite that fire between you and your boo.

Midnight hikes

Prepare a thermos or two with apple cider (maybe you snagged some while apple picking?), hot cocoa, or hot toddies depending on you and your date’s drinking preference. Then take a late night stroll through a nearby park or if leaving the city proves difficult, no worries neighborhood-scapes are just as lovely. Make a game out of it by counting the number of festively decorated houses, or just relish the rarely experienced darkness and solitude. For first, second, or third dates, this one’s a great excuse for handholding and kiss stealing. As always though, be safe and alert.

Bike Rides:

Like sightseeing around the neighborhood, a bike-ride date is great no matter where you live. Plan a route that takes you past some changing leaves, and maybe some other seasonably-themed festivities: Oktoberfest, a new art exhibit, costume shopping, or a bar for a sampling of their seasonal pumpkin beer. Pack some snacks and a blanket if you feel like taking it leisurely. Or, get even more adventurous – and test your ability to work as a team – by renting a bicycle built for two.

Late Night Snuggling and Scary Movie Marathon:

Though we’re horror movie fans all year round, Halloween season is the perfect excuse to curl up with a sexy queer, a bowl of popcorn, and get ready to feel like a scream queen. For scares with some LGBTQ edge we suggest Nightmare on Elm Street 2 (why it’s so gay we don’t know, but we love it!), Jennifer’s Body (Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried lock some serious lip, and Fox only kills boys), and The Witches of Eastwick (one word: Cher). Or prolong the fun with seasons one and two of MTV’s Scream series (yes, it’s a remake of the Craven films, but it’s so good, so campy, and a lil bit queer we can’t help but love it) now streaming on Netflix.

Audrey and Emma Episode 209

Double Dinner Date:

Sometimes, the best way to appreciate your better half is in the company of others, plus, setting up a dinner double date with a home-cooked meal will make you both more present for the preparation. Get really into the fall feel by planning a menu of autumn favorites: squashes, brussel sprouts, carrots – this is a great time of year to cook for a vegetarian! Of course, meat pairs well with all these veggies as well (bacon and brussel sprouts go together like peanut butter and jelly). Ask the guest couple to supply the wine and dessert – who knows, maybe they just went apple picking.

Friday Night Football:

Everyone loves the now-defunct NBC drama, Friday Night Lights, but imagine how much better it would be with LGBTQ characters. Well, since you probably don’t want to recreate all five seasons of the show, just channel your inner Coach, Tammy Taylor, Tim Riggins, or Tyra Collette and head to your nearest high school for a cheap themed date. Bring blankets and cuddling for warmth.